Denim Depression

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One of the reasons I was relieved to leave the UK (after living there for 6.5 years) was to remove myself from what I think is an excessively consumeristic culture.

Having said that, I learnt to blindside my ethics quite conveniently while falling in love with Topshop and in particular, their jeans. Faded, skinny, twisted, 70s. Denim gets my juices going. But denim turned into depression standing in their V&A Store recently when I realised that white or stonewashed wasn’t going to work for me. Nor was high waisted or boyfriend. I’m older and I’m less skinny. I don’t feel as ‘punk’ as I liked to think I was in London. Add that to the frightening price of their clothing in Rands and, well… let me side step out of here quietly and pretend I never…………



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Met Mia

I am a graphic designer and photographer living in Cape Town.

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