Cape Town Carnival 2014

C9 C10 C1 C2 C5 C8

Last night was the 2014 Carnival in Greenpoint, Cape Town, and I discovered I am a carnival junkie!!

The standard of performance and creativity was phenomenal. Not only did the parade last for OVER 2.5 HOURS but the creations were  simply fantastic, evoking a sense of joy and jubilation. I’ve lived in Cape Town my whole life (except for quite a few recent adult years overseas and Jo’burg briefly as a child) and feel I am witnessing the city growing up. No longer a sleepy town cut off from the world, we have begun showcasing our unique styles and traditions with honed skill.  Being bold with our identity. We are just as good as the rest of the world. I LOVE Cape Town.

The procession included everything from african to modern dancers, bicyclists and skateboarders. ‘Toi toi-ers’ fighting for freedom in the old regime. Animals from a lion to a zebra and a giant crocodile. Floats of singers, drummers, burlesque dancers. Acrobats, people on stilts. Heck, even firemen.

T’was good fun and I’m definitely going back to watch next year.


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Met Mia

I am a graphic designer and photographer living in Cape Town.

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