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Dry heat, quiet open spaces and animals make me very happy. I’m lucky to have a friend living on a farm in Botrivier with her husband and 2 boys. The farm is a ‘hobby’ on the side, with pigs, chickens, sheep and some vineyards keeping Rod on his feet while maintaining his travel business during office hours.

Botrivier is a mere 93km from Cape Town, perfect for a weekend getaway. Renting their cottage ‘Eagle Owl’ with a friend, we spent 2 days hanging with the Halls and their gorgeous boys and making friends with chickens, pigs, sheep, dogs and cats in between beach walks, long lunches and serious snoozes. Life on the farm is never short of a dull moment (one of the boys just came down with tick bite fever and 3 pigs are very nearly ready to pop some piglets) but the land and surrounding mountains breathe both energy and stillness into your body at what feels like cellular level; such is the depth of peace and tranquility of this valley.

Plus, if you are into free range farm produce (who isn’t?!), Taryn and Rod sell their pork in various delicious cuts at fantastic rates!

To find out more about their farm and accommodation, visit


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I am a graphic designer and photographer living in Cape Town.

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